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You can identify neurological diseases years before symptoms are visible
and follow their progress objectively

We are researchers, doctors & engineers, inspired by science and passionate
about the benefits of eye tracking
for the daily use of health practitioners

We are developing NeuroClues, a solution to instantaneously quantify your clinical exam based on a portable laboratory
using eye tracking

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Why eye movements?

Our eyes give clues to our brain health


We move our eyes 3 times per second on average


Children have vision problems affecting learning

80 000 000

Patients are suffering a neurologic condition

110 000

Scientific papers link eyetracking with disorders

5 years

Eye movements help predict disease evolution up to 5 years ahead

5 minutes​

Exams of the eye movements tell more than a one km walk

Our scientific advisory board testifies

”P³Lab brings to the neurologist the scientific evidence developed across several decades. The portable lab has a novel ease of use to help him quantify his neurological examination.”
Bertrand Gaymard, neurologist

” I'm using eye tracking daily. P3Lab offers access to the norms & science required for interpretation, with their paramount, the ease of use.”
Marie-Laure Laborie, orthoptist

“The seamless use of NeuroClues will be a great help for both the research and the clinical practitioners.”
Aasef Shaikh, neurologist

”Eye tracking easy to use, portable & with the ability to share results with peers : the device can add huge value to support the clinician within their daily practice.”
Alessandra Rufa, neurologist and ophtalmologist

"Eye tracking brings accuracy in the orthoptical eval which I couldn't miss".
Eve Kannengieser, orthoptist

“The device’s versatility and adaptability make it an invaluable ally from my researcher’s point of view"
Thérèse Collins, professor of cognitive science